Camp Pricing

Tent & RV Camping

​Primitive RV Camping & Limited Full Hookup RV Sites Available

  • 1-2 ​Adults (Ages 13 and Up) – $15 per night
  • Additional ​Adults (Ages 13 and Up) – $7 per night
  • Children (Ages 7 – 12) – $3.50
  • Children (Six and Under) FREE

*100+ camping sites

*Limited Full-Hookup RV sites available

At Camp Tomahawk’s campground, we deliver a great camping adventure while creating memories that last a lifetime. There is nothing so inspiring, so refreshing, as being outside with family, friends or a private getaway. The feeling of being at one with nature, lighting a campfire, and exploring the forest nearby is what the Camp Tomahawk camping experience is about. Some of us love rambling the day away with no chore to attend to other than cooking out, eating and laughing with family and friends.

Camp Tomahawk Tent RV Camping Cookout

We have LOTS of campsites

Camp Tomahawk’s RV camping sites are available in several sizes along the James River. We provide one of the best ways to have fun while enjoying the sense of independence in your RV camping area. You also feel calm and in control of your world when resting inside.

For tent campers, there’s just nothing like curling up in a sleeping bag under the stars. We have LOTS of campsites from which to choose so if you’d rather have an “in the woods” feeling or build a campfire to roast s’mores on the river bank we’ve got you covered.

Pitching a tent, cooking out with family or friends, listening to the gentle flow of the river and the night sounds of the woods can give you a peace felt nowhere else. The James River cuts through the beautiful Ozark Mountains and is part of Missouri’s massive Mark Twain Forest. Peace and stress relief from the usual weekly grind is you feel when you go camping and connect with nature.

Tent camping is a super affordable way to take a vacation or have a quick weekend getaway. Tent camping is also an inexpensive way to ease into camping… to see if camping is for you. Many people start with a small tent, move to a larger tent with more gear and then move up to a camper or RV. Once you start camping, we’re sure you won’t want to stop! Yep, it’s that much fun!

Camping can be a great activity for families and also an ideal way for couples and friends to spend quality time together. From exploring the river bank along the James to enjoying a relaxing meal by the campfire, this is a great way to disconnect from your everyday routine and enjoy your time reconnecting with each other.

Our visitors enjoy the benefits of camping at Camp Tomahawk while being only minutes from the shopping, great shows and attractions Branson has to offer and the many amenities, activities and marinas around Table Rock Lake.

Camp Tomahawk Missouri Tent Camping

  • Pets are allowed in the campground but must remain on a leash at all times. We also ask your pet is well behaved. Any negative incidents can result in immediate removal and banning from the camp site.